• 1 Image design
    Reasonable storefront renovation design for the actual store franchisee,
    unified VI.CI, unified brand image.
  • 2 Service Training
    To enable franchisees operate more professional, scientific, and related
    company clerk to manager
  • 3 Trading guide
    Commissioner stationed regularly targeted guidance to franchisees conduct
    business, promote store sales growth.
  • 4 Advertising
    National unified advertising, regular media, long-term assistance to the chain
    stores to carry out the special features of the promotional activities.
  • 5 Goods management
    Provide timely and efficient IT goods and professional detailed analysis reports
    make the fastest response to the market, to smooth goods lag counseling specialist.
  • 6 Logistics
    Has a huge distribution center, distribution more reasonable, efficient, and timely.
1 It has brand awareness and concept of operations, identify with the company's
  brand philosophy and corporate culture;
2 Have some business experience, as well as to join or had engaged in brand
  marketing is a plus;
3 We have a good business reputation and integrity;
4 In the local has a good business relationship with the local large-scale
  mainstream mall a good relationship;
5 We have an existing shops in the area's main commercial street or pedestrian
6 Application stores in the local downtown commercial area, business area of not
  less than 60 m2; large department stores in the local city, business area of not
  less than 45 square meters.