Located in one of the first batch of 14 open coastal cities——Nantong, Solamoda Group is a large-sized garment enterprise that specializes in design, production and sales of garments for foreign trade and branded women's wear for domestic sales. Its annual sales volume is approximately USD 150 million ; its garments are exported to Japan, the U.S., Europe and other countries and regions; its own brand of women's wear for domestic sales is quite popular among customers; it also has set up more than 100 boutiques in medium- and large-sized cities throughout China. Its annual sales volume is approximately over RMB 120 million.

Other enterprises that are subordinated to Solamoda Group include:
Shanghai Solamoda Garments Co., Ltd.   Hong Kong Solamoda Industrial Co., Ltd.      
Nantong Solamoda Garments Co., Ltd.   Suqian Solamoda Garments Co., Ltd.        
Rudong Solamoda Garments Co., Ltd.   Suining Solamoda Garments Co., Ltd. 
Myanmar Solamoda Garments Co., Ltd   Solamoda garments (cambodia) co.,ltd

成人动漫亚洲Blessed with a staff of more than 2200 members, Solamoda Group comes out top in the garment industry of Jiangsu Province in terms of management and production scale. In 2012, its sales revenue ranked 16th among all enterprises dealing in women's wear in China. In view of the developing of Solamoda, we're planning to estate factories in Southeast Asia like Myanmar, Cambodia etc. to meet the rapidly increasing orders.

Subsidiaries of Solamoda Group all have passed ISO9001 International Quality Attestation, ISO14001 International Environment Attestation, and third-party auditing by ITS, SGS, BV, etc. Through years of development, Solamoda Group has up to now established a garment material development and research center, a design center for women's wear of its own brand, has built a highly qualified talent team, and has constructed a set of standard and sound internal management system.

With regard to foreign trade business, Solamoda Group has built good and stable business relationships with lots of internationally well-known enterprises and also has been recognized by the majority of its customers. As more and more foreign customers step into further cooperation with Solamoda Group, its business volume increases rapidly with the level of products also being promoted. It may be said that its foreign trade has stepped into a benign development stage with the business volume enjoying a stable growth rate of over 30% annually.

成人动漫亚洲In the aspect of brand for domestic sales, Solamoda Group presently has its own brand "SUNVIEW" for women's wear. The business volume brought by the brand is listed in the top three among similar enterprises of Nantong, and moreover, the brand has won the title of Famous Brand at both municipal and provincial levels. Brand promotion has achieved good results, with SUNVIEW being rapidly accepted by the market and approved by customers. Brand effect is gradually showing up.

Under the guidance of the value of "passion, honesty, care, responsibility and action", Solamoda Group will driving on step by step, and has already determined to develop itself into a new specialized large enterprise that integrates brand creation, design, research and development, production and sales and win its own seat in the international garment industry. , all members of Solamoda Group are unanimously building a brighter and better future.

General manager room member
Wang Zhilan Jing Xudong Ji Jun Xu Jianfei and some of the outstanding middle level management cadres