Since 1993, Solamoda Garments has been a growth-oriented enterprise with OEM as main business for expansion. It has more than 200 efficient and high quality professional export sales personnel to provide cordial service and guarantee for every customer. 40 professional fabric developers will provide nearly one thousand kinds of new fabrics every quarter to lay a solid foundation for Solamoda Garments to develop superior functional fabrics, purchase and produce fabrics and accessories with fashion elements. The production scale of 1500 wholly-owned subsidiaries guarantees high quality of all orders and the ability to ship timely. With over 20 years of industry experience, Solamoda Garments has strong organizational capacity with respect to fabric integration, technical production and strictly control of quality in the process of receiving orders in the form of OEM and has accumulated a large number of Japanese customers and European orders. The fast order receiving and timely shipment of OEM in the early stage of Solamoda Garments' business has laid a substantial foundation for Solamoda Garments to have a more powerful development goal.